Position God
Sex Male
Level 2
Vocation Sorcerer
Last Login 21 July 2024 (21:36)
Status offline
Created 03 April 2024 (09:25)
Quest list
Desert Quest
Ornamented Shield Quest
Blood Herb
Deeper Fibula
Fire Axe
Hat of the mad
Orc Fortress
Crusader Helmet
Necromancer Room
Banshee Quest
Demona Quest
Black Knight
Vampire Shield Quest
Behemoth Quest
Svargrond Arena full
Pits of Inferno
MPA Quest
Demon Helmet
Paradox Tower
Retro Quest
Demon Legs
Lion Bravery Amulet
Mystery Quest
Nightmare Shield
Hellgorak Quest
Inferno Boots of haste
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Death List
This player has never died.