Tibia Idle custom quests.
Idle time extension - 45 lvl - +1h idle time
Idle time extension

Near Edron you will find caves and a hole that you have to dig with a shovel. After completing this task for 7 days you will have 9 hours of idle exp. You can re-do the quest many times.

Idle exp bonus - 75 lvl - +6% exp in idle
Idle exp bonus

After completing this quest, you will have a +6% bonus to idle exp for 7 days. You can complete the quest every 7 days. There is a fee before entry depending on your level. A shovel and PACC are required.

Helmet of the Ancients - 75 lvl Helmet of the Ancients
Helmet of the Ancients

You start in the tomb marked on the map. You keep going down the stairs until you reach a place where you have to place a scarab coin to get further. After teleporting, taking a few steps north, you will see a level gate at lvl 75. This is where you start the quest. You need to kill three pharaohs whose bodies you will get helmet parts: right horn, left horn and damaged helmet. With these parts in your backpack, you pull the levers and you will receive a reward.

Magic Plate Armor Quest - 90 lvl Magic Plate Armor
Magic Plate Armor Quest

You start the quest to the right of the entrance to Demon Helmet. You will encounter enemies that cannot be killed.

Paradox tower quest - 105 lvl - Legendary Idle Wand
Paradox Tower Quest

You start the quest here. You must have 5 demonic essence and machete to get to this place and cut a passage in the maze behind the door. Be careful, each next level of the tower is one more enemy to defeat. You cannot advance to the next level unless you kill all the monsters. The reward is on the last level of the tower. PACC Required.

Retro Quest - 110 lvl
Retro Item 1 Retro Item 2 Retro Item 3 Retro Item 4
Retro Quest

Quest for people who like puzzles. We don't give any instructions on how to do it. We only indicate the starting point. The charm of memories will return. There you will meet monsters and graphics from the oldest versions of Tibia. As a reward, you will always get a multi-tool and one random retro item. PACC required. Quest available after the update on July 26.

Demon Legs - 120 lvl Demon Legs
Demon Legs Quest

You start the quest in the very south of the Plains of Havoc. You have to open all the coffins. Each time you open the coffin, a horde of undead creatures appears. Once you've opened them all, you can use the statue in the middle. PACC Required.

Lion Bravery Amulet- 130 lvl Lion Bravery Amulet
Lion Bravery Amulet Quest

The quest can be found on level -1 of Medusa Tower in Port Hope. Get ready for a long fight with The mother of evil. The quest will be available after the update on July 26.

Mystery Quest - 140 lvl
Mystery Quest Item 1 Mystery Quest Item 2 Mystery Quest Item 3
Mystery Quest

You start the quest near the orc fortress. You need to clear 3 rooms full of enemies. At the end of each room there will be a boss who is a legendary Tibia player. You must kill all 3 bosses then you will gain access to the reward room. PACC Required.

Nightmare Shield Quest- 150 lvl
Nightmare Shield Necromacer Shield Spellbook of the Dark Mysteries
Nightmare Shield Quest

You start the quest after Vampire Shield Quest. You will encounter several puzzles along the way. As a reward, you can randomly choose Nightmare Shield, Necromacer Shield or Spellbook of the Dark Mysteries. The quest will be available after the update on July 26.

Hellgorak Quest - 160 lvl
Hellgorak Helmet Hellgorak Armor Hellforged Halberd Hellforged Crossbow Hellforged Shield
Hellgorak Quest

You start the quest in the basement of Mount Sternum, level -2. You have to go through several rooms and at the end you will encounter a strong boss. PACC required. The quest will be available after the update on July 26.

Full Helmet of the Ancients - 180 lvl Full Helmet of the Ancients
Full Helmet of the Ancients

Turn your regular Helmet of the Ancients into a stronger version that never ends. Reach the pyramid hidden underground, where you fight three pharaohs. After reaching the room with three magic stones, you must activate all of them and defeat the pharaohs, then you will be allowed into the place where you can sacrifice your Helmet of the Ancient.

Inferno boots of haste - 200 lvl Inferno boots of haste
Inferno Boots of Haste

You start the quest where the demon helmet quest ends. For 5 days, you must bring one pair of boots of haste every day to receive inferno boots of haste on day 6. Quest available after the update on July 26.