Tibia Idle Systems

List of new systems available on our server.

Tibia idle - tutorial

Tibia idle is a combination of Tibia and a browser game.
Idle hunt is a place where the character automatically gains experience. Your activity is limited to a minimum.

How to play tibia idle?

Choose a hunting room suitable for your character.
After enter, press the exit button in the game client. Your character will remain active.
The statistics preview is available on the website after logging in in the Idle Hunt tab.

Bless Statue

The temple with the statue is located south of Thais in the place marked on the map. By clicking on the monument you buy all the blessings for 60K. If you have all the blessings, you lose less experience upon death and do not lose your backpack.

Addon System

You can get the addons from NPC Gustaw in Carlin near the depot. Ask him about addons and he will tell you what to do next.
The addon system is simplified by half compared to real Tibia.