Statistics and other settings are as for global Tibia in the times of 8.0.

Exp: x1
Skill: x1
Magic Level: x1
Loot: 1

Frag info
Frags to redskull: 3
Frags to ban: 6
Frag time: 12h

At 7 a.m. Polish time there is a server save.
Keep in mind that characters are logged out from the server at that time.

House System. The house fee is a one-time fee. If you do not log in to the game for 10 days, your house will be lost. Idle exp is counted as login to the game.
!spells Shows the spells available for your profession.
!frags It displays frags of your character.
!shop If you bought items through the store page this command will collect your gifts.
!online Shows a list of online players.
!kills Shows the list and time of your frags.
!buyhouse He's buying the house you're standing in front of. You must face the door.
!leavehouse You will leave your house. You have to be inside.
!sellhouse Sells your house to the selected player. Use !sellhouse nick.