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Spellbook of dark mysteries, infernal boots of haste, hellforged axe, emerald sword, obsidian truncheon, royal crossbow, ethernal staff and more.

Greetings, old Tibian! We bring your fondest memories to life in a modernized form. In today's dynamic world, where time seems to flow faster than when we were younger, everyone yearns to relive the joy of the past. That's why Tibia Idle was born. Here, we play at ease, without pressure, allowing you to experience once again the legendary quests like Pits of Inferno, Anihilator, Demon Helmet, and more. Join us on this nostalgic journey where the thrill of adventure never fades.

What is Tibia idle?
a Fusion of Classic Tibia with Browser Gaming. Now, your character will always be available on website, whether on your phone or computer. You'll have a glimpse into your character's idle hunts. Our world embodies Tibia's golden era in version 8.0, where reaching level 200 was monumental, and level 300 was achievable only by a handful of chosen ones. The game is entirely free, and besides the idle hunt system and new events, it preserves the mechanics of the game you love.

What is Idle Hunt?
Idle Hunt is your character's automatic hunting based on settings you provide. You'll have a complete overview of hunting statistics, all visible on the website. Don't worry, if you play manually, you can easily outperform players who use idle hunting, but idle players won't fall too far behind. Gaining experience through idle hunting is three times slower than manual gameplay. Just an hour of manual hunting can surpass players who rely solely on idle hunting. Other activities such as quests, events, raids and addons can only be performed by playing manually. Any bots are strictly prohibited and may result in the loss of your account!

Server Stats:
Everything x1.
Experience, skills, magic level and everything else as in Tibia.

We are focused on long-term fun and no character restarts. If you want to play tibia without pressure and with peace of mind like in the old days, we invite you.